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In the dynamic environment in which we live and create new values, by combining knowledge and decades of business practice, we have created opportunities to offer clients a completely new experience in the field of consulting services. EXCELSIUS doo offers professional services in the field of business, financial, accounting, tax, legal, investment and risk consulting, as well as specialized education in the field of innovative entrepreneurship and change management.


We listen to our clients with full attention in order to best adapt our business solutions to their real needs. True to our entrepreneurial spirit, we innovate our business models, share experiences and introduce new approaches.

We want to help our clients realize their projects while being aware of the risks and all that these risks can mean.


Our responsibility and ethics are reflected in the fact that we can satisfy the needs of our clients as efficiently as possible, while preserving the long-term interests of all parties, consistently adhering to the rules of our business.


Our commitment is based on the long-term satisfaction of our clients and the pride we feel in the way we work. We strive every day to make a difference and thus contribute to the success of our clients and the success of joint projects. We promote the inclusion and professional satisfaction of all, fostering relationships of trust and mutual respect.

There are three centers within the company EXCELSIUS doo:

FORENSICA -  The Center for Financial Forensics offers clients top services in the field of economic and financial expertise. In addition to the standard findings of economic and financial expertise, the Center for Financial Forensics offers the services of analysis of business events, investigations of abuses and fraud. The founder of the Center for Financial Forensics, Dr. Mehmed Murić, is a member of the European Expertise & Expert Institute (EEEI), the European Law Institute (ELI) and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). 

COLLECTA - Center for Mediation in Receivables Collection offers clients fast and efficient collection of unpaid invoices arising from operations in the country and abroad. We have developed a network of regional partners, so in addition to Serbia, we are able to initiate billing processes from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia.

EDUCATO - The Center for Open Education offers interested parties online training in the field of entrepreneurship and management. In addition to standard education modules, we are able to offer interested parties "education on demand", which includes specialized education prepared especially for the party calling. 


The concept of our business is based on the industrial "know how" model. Many years of business experience in the financial industry and risk management, gained in leading international financial institutions, enabled us to be pioneers in the creation and development of our own business solutions necessary for business entities in their daily operations. Through three business lines - financial management, risk management and smart education, we cover all important segments that are the core of every business entity.

Prof. Dr. Mehmed L. Murić, CEO

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