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A pragmatic and timely approach with a focus on the source of the problem gives us the ability to create the most practical solutions tailored to the client's needs.

Why is it necessary?

Organizations operate today in a complex environment with a wide range of risks. The risks can be either due to internal factors such as inadequate processes, systems and people, or due to external factors such as volatile markets and the like. The failure to control / manage risks can have devastating consequences for the organization. Managing these risks has become a must for organizations as a part of effective corporate governance.

RM.1. Compliance

Our approach is pragmatic, timely and focused on solutions. We begin by clarifying the goals and identifying the source of the problem. Based on this, we offer the most practical solution tailored to the client's needs in relation to the barriers he or she faces.

Risk Management Services

RM.1.01Regulatory risk assessment

RM.1.02Financial risk assessment

RM.1.03Operational risk assessment

RM.1.04Reputation risk assessment

If you are starting a collaboration with a new partner or want to assess the risk of business collaboration with your existing partners, we offer an analysis of key indicators of a business partner's financial health.

Excelsius Ltd. takes over a complete communication with the debtor and negotiates on behalf of the client the manner and dynamics of collection of claims. If necessary, we activate all payment mechanisms provided by law.

We have packed services in the Risk Prevent Package to help you easily manage the financial risk of your business.

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