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Delay in payment of obligations is a burning problem of modern business that affects all spheres of society all over the world. As a result  of constant delays in payments or even complete absence of payments by the debtor, creditors may face problems related to liquidity, which can then, as a domino effect, be reflected in the business results at the same time imposing the impossibility of settling own obligations within the stipulated period. Failure to pay leads to a vicious cycle that is difficult to break out of.

It is a well-known fact that the efficiency of debt collection is closely related to quick reaction and taking appropriate steps and measures immediately after the occurrence of arrears. Any delay in taking action reduces the chances of the claim being collected.

Collceta Debt Collection Mediation Center provides debt collection services both in phase soft collection (of newly created delay) as well as in the later phase hard collection when it implies the use of all available legal remedies and the engagement of competent courts and public enforcement officers.

The Collecta Claims Mediation Center, in cooperation with a network of regional partners, developed the Collecta W7 service, which includes mediation in the collection of claims from the countries of the Western Balkans (Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia).

As a neutral mediator, we help clients individually in each individual case.

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