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The company Excelsius doo was founded with the aim of providing clients with a completely new user experience when it comes to services from the financial industry. Our desire is to offer business entities from the local and regional level specialized services created on the basis of many years of business experience and knowledge that we possess. We listen carefully to our customers about their problems and needs and based on that we offer compatible business solutions that save both time and money. Excelsius doo is a pioneer in creating business solutions related to intellectual services. 


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Pofital 100

Profital 100 is an integrated package that contains five different services necessary for business entities in their daily business. Analyzing the problems that business entities face in their daily business and actively listening to their needs, we created Profital 100 as a business solution that will completely facilitate the day-to-day activities of business entities.


RISK Prevent 

Risk prevent.png

In the Risk Prevent package, we have packed services that will help you manage a segment of financial risks in a simple way, which are related to cooperation with business partners. If you are starting cooperation with a new one or want to assess the risk of business cooperation with existing business partners, we offer you an analysis of the key indicators of the business partner's financial condition. The assessment involves the calculation of key ratios of business indicators, measurement of the time in which the payment of obligations to creditors is made, analysis of court disputes and the like.

Users of the Risk Prevent package have the option of withdrawing 10 reports per month and receive a special tariff for the use of services in mediation of claims collection.

Collecta paket.png

Collecta W7

The Collceta claims collection mediation center provides claim collection services both in the soft collection phase (newly incurred delay) and in the later hard collection phase, which involves the use of all available legal remedies and the engagement of competent courts and public enforcement officers.

The Collecta Claims Mediation Center, in cooperation with a network of regional partners, developed the Collecta W7 service, which includes mediation in the collection of claims from the countries of the Western Balkans (Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia).

Financia paket.png


Financia is a package of services that integrates a wide range of services related to financial analysis, financial planning and management. Consideration of the financial statements of economic entities through ratio analysis allows the users of this package to, with our advice, within the legal framework, improve their finances, which are the basis for lending by banks and development funds. In addition to financial analysis, the package also includes services for the establishment of business entities, changes in legal form and management of the liquidation of business entities. We also offer Financia package users writing services for investment projects, help in creating and launching new products, as well as help in choosing the best financial structure for business financing.

Forensica paket.png


The Forensica package was created primarily for the needs of law firms and the judiciary. It is based on the principles of modern forensics, which does not only include the analysis of financial statements, but also refers to a number of other activities that include the analysis of cash flows, analysis of business documents, analysis of data from publicly available sources, analysis of business events and processes, analysis of internal structure and interconnections persons, legal entities and the like. 

In addition to legal practice and the judiciary, the Forensica package is intended for other business entities who suspect that they are victims of fraud by third parties.

Edukato paket.png

Educato Open Learning

EDUCATO represents the project of the company Excelsius doo, which is implemented through a specially formed Center for Open Learning. The mission of the Center for Open Learning is to provide stakeholders with knowledge that is immediately applicable in practice. Defined programs are conducted online and are created according to the principle of open education, i.e. their attendance is not conditional on academic qualifications and other prior knowledge. Part of the program represents support to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in its mission to raise the level of financial literacy of the population.

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