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We are able to provide our clients with professional consulting services based on expertise and years of business experience.

Why is it necessary?

The current business environment is a constant stream of challenges and opportunities where sustainable business growth is expected from. In order to achieve their goals, organizations must continuously improve and maintain their business performance.


Utilizing experience and functional expertise, our advisory team looks at your business challenges and opportunities in a proactive, open and objective manner and helps you achieve the desired business performance.


Based on our understanding of the nature of your business and goals, we offer tailored business models, strategies and solutions to improve your business performance.

BC.1. Strategy and Operations

BC.2. Human Resources

Operational consulting, also called operations management, is defined as consulting and/or implementation services that improve the company's internal operations and value chain operations.

Operations management consulting creates more efficient business for clients by creating and supporting implementation of changes to the target operating model, functional business processes, management systems, culture and other elements in the value chain.

Strategic and Operational Services

BC.1.01Sales channel management, segmentation and production mix

BC.1.02Campaign Management

BC.1.03Supply chain management

BC.1.04Profitability Analysis and increase

BC.1.05  Company overview and promotion

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BC.1.06 Key Performance indicators  and

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Human resource consulting ensures that the human capital of the organization serves the best interests of the company. By creating and developing a human resource model specific to the organizations employing them, we work to ensure the company effectively utilizes its staff to achieve its goals, while ensuring the workforce operates at a high level of productivity and efficiency.

Human Resources Services

BC.2.01Organizational Structuring

BC.2.02Process Improvement

BC.2.03Corporate Governance

BC.2.04Defining the duties and responsibilities of employees

BC.2.05Change Management

BC.2.06Employee optimization



FC.1. Financial Analysis

We offer professional, financial analysis and strategy services to small, medium and large enterprises. We help business owners understand how different future events can impact the financial health of their business by providing a fresh, independent viewpoint and rigorous analysis, with a steady commitment to creating value for our clients. Our consulting services are tailored to the needs and circumstances of our clients. The arrangements can be a one-off project, periodic analysis and updates.

Financial Analysis Services

FC.1.01Analysis of key financial indicators company health - Credit rating

FC.1.02Financial controlling

FC.1.03Cost management

FC.1.04Business plans for introducing new products

FC.2. Forensic Services

The services we provide include gathering evidence, conducting a thorough forensic financial analysis, and compiling findings and opinions for court purposes.

We also make estimates of the value of capital and the valuation of assets.

Forensic Services

FC.2.01Economic and financial expertise areas

FC.2.02Estimates of equity and property

FC.2.03Investigation actions

FC.2.04 Advising law firms 

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